Fluffy Fishbone Plush Cushion For Newborns by Kideroo


Fluffy Fishbone Plush Cushion For Newborns by Kideroo

Fluffy Fishbone Plush Cushion For Newborns by Kideroo


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Where there is a kitty cat there is bound to be some fish bone. That is exactly what this beautiful fluffy fishbone scatter cushion is all about. When Ozzy the soft kitty cat get’s hungry he wipes the fish clean to the bone. It’s a cuddly plush cushion for newborns by Kideroo that’s perfect to support their necks or legs. A fishbone design printed on high grade 100% twill cotton with dyes that are food grade and tested to be baby friendly. The softness comes from the super fluffy anti-allergenic toy fill that goes inside the cushion. Handcrafted by expert craftsmen these scatter cushions for babies is exactly the perfect size for your infant child. If you are looking for an inexpensive toy for your friend’s gender reveal party or an affordable gift for your cousins baby shower the fluffy fishbone scatter pillow for kids is a perfect choice. Buy the fishbone as a single piece or with the soft kitty to make a set.

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Ozzy the soft kitty really knows his way around a fish. His appetite is insatiable and we have a ton of fluffy fishbone scatter cushions that are just perfect for your newborn baby. Made only from the finest materials this scatter cushion for kids is an excellent first toy for your child.

At Kideroo we procure our raw materials from locals and use only the best twill cotton to make all of the exteriors of the pillows. Our hand-craftsmen also use an inner stitch so that the seam is on the inside and the exterior remains as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The fluffy quality we achieve in all our scatter pillows for baby rooms is due to the super soft toy fill we use. Not only does it make our products extremely cuddly it also is anti-allergenic preventing dusting allergies in your children.

The outside of this fluffy fishbone plush baby cushions for kids are also painted in a monochrome colour. Studies have shown how contrasting black and white paint can actually enhance a newborns brain development. We not only try and provide a cute toy for your child to play with we also make an attempt to advance their motor skills and learning abilities.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy the whole set of the soft kitty cat and fluffy fishbone scatter cushions you should also know that they are as affordable as toy kids come.

We’ve not sacrificed on our quality standards yet maintained affordable prices for all. We believe our Kideroo plush baby cushions should be able to provide joy to all.

To help our parents out during their busy schedules we also try and make our toys for kids easy to maintain. Simply running the fluffy plush baby scatter cushion a hand wash with some warm water will do the trick of getting it clean.

So don’t wait till we run out of stock. Get your fluffy fishbone plush baby scatter cushion today.


Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 8 × 16 × 4 cm

100% Cotton Twirl


Black and White

Age Group

0 – 8 years






0 – 3 months

Washing Details

How to wash it: Warm gentle hand wash do not soak do not bleach and do not tumble dry.