Wear For Sale (Pty) Ltd

Kideroo Brand is proudly owned by Wear For Sale (Pty) Ltd

Wear For Sale (Pty) Ltd is a South African-based globally competitive regional management group, invested in a portfolio of differentiated, complementary, focused wholesale and retail formats. These are each reliant on high volumes and operational excellence as the foundation of price leadership, in the distribution of mainly branded consumer goods for cash. Wear For Sale (Pty) Ltd is a registered Importer and Exporter under SADC, TDCA, EFTA trade agreements and distributor of consumer goods in Africa, we are one of the leading retailers of general merchandise, clothing and supplies.

The Group comprises of 10 online stores, and all focused on high-volume and low-cost distribution. We operate all over Africa through the majority of business is done in South Africa at this stage.

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