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Fluffy Alfie The Sheep by Kideroo

Quick Overview

Wouldn't you love if you darling child slept on a cloud of cotton? Alfie The Sheep is here to make your wish come true. The plush pillow for children is the best companion for all you babies snuggle needs. Those adorable eyes and face make for a friendly toy to cuddle and take a journey to wonder dreamland.

Fluffly Alfie the plush pillow for kids is stuffed with the softest locally sourced cotton and the most comfortable toy fill. Your kid will spends hours with the plush pillow and you'll have that precious free time on your hands. If you're worried about your child's safety you should know that the kids scatter pillow are completely safe to use and are perfect even for newborns.

The kids plush pillow is easy to maintain, clean, and play with. You'll not only be buying your child a friend for life, but you'll also have one easy to maintain toy your child will love. Since most of the material is locally sourced the Kideroo plush pillows for kids are also affordable. So, get yours today.

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